In a world where antibiotics are becoming less effective, Zoono provides cost effective, residual polymer based, broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection.

A combination of inert ingredients and manufacturing processes coupled
with our formulation gives Zoono its unique long lasting bonding capabilities.

Lasting for up to 30 days on any treated surface and up to 24 hours on
the skin, this revolutionary technology significantly reduces the spread of
harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi (mould) and yeasts.

Zoono is water based, alcohol free, non toxic and provides unique,
proven long lasting protection.

Zoono Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser is an anti-bacterial spray scientifically proven to kill 99.99% of germs and keeps surfaces protected. Formulated with Zoono defence technology, which means that the surface spray is effective against pathogens such as H1N1, Norovirus, E coli, MRSA and Salmonella. The defence technology also forms an anti-microbial layer of microscopic pins that bonds to the surface. Like other Zoono products, the Microbe Shield Surface Spray was tested in a UK laboratory, and successfully passed its test against MERS, SARS (previous versions of Coronavirus), and the new virulent strain of Coronavirus, COVID-19. The surface then prevents the development of superbugs and keeps surfaces hygienic for up to 30 days.  

Zoono Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser compliments your cleaning regime as an ongoing germ protection. Keeps surfaces clean for up to 30 days, even after normal activity and regular cleaning. Routine cleaning can continue and does not disrupt the Zoono defence technology.

As the all-purpose surface spray does not contain any harmful chemicals or alcohol, it is safe to use around children, plants and pets. Food safety approved in the UK.

Currently available in 5 litre bottles only

In our daily lives, we are all exposed to nasty germs. Whether at home, at work, in public areas or public transport. In fact, 80% of germs are spread by touch*. Even with a strong immune system, it is not enough to fight against harmful germs to prevent serious illnesses. With just one application, the Zoono Hand Sanitiser acts as a barrier to combat a variety of pathogens such as H1N1, Norovirus, E coli, MRSA and Salmonella. It has also been tested against MERS and SARS (previous versions of the Coronavirus). As of 26th February 2020, Zoono Hand Sanitiser has sucessfully passed it’s test against COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Papwerwork to follow.

Zoono Hand Sanitiser works best as a morning routine for all day protection. Once applied to the hands, the antimicrobial invisible layer lasts up to 24 hours even after washing your hands. This inhibits the growth of germs and reduces the risk of falling sick. The germ defense technology also does not contain alcohol or any other harsh chemicals, which means it’s gentle and suitable for sensitive skin.

With general hand sanitisers, people often apply them several times a day to stay protected against germs. Some store-brand sanitisers also contain harsh chemicals which could affect people with sensitive skin. However, Zoono is gentle on skin and performs well with just one application. It also works out cheaper as you only need small doses once a day, so the bottle will last much longer compared to other sanitisers.

Unlike shop-bought hand sanitisers, Zoono is guaranteed to be more effective and has been tested in a UK lab against Coronavirus. 

Zoono is a foam water-based sanitiser proven to be environmentally safe, non-corrosive but deadly for harmful pathogens.