R15 OptiMist

£1,200.00 £

The R15 OPTIMIST is a sanitising mist machine designed for smaller spaces.
The process works through nebulising the sanitising liquid by mixing
with air from the in-built compressor unit. The result is a fine
micronized aerosol mist that is produced at a rate of 6m3 per
minute which will fill the target area quickly and evenly before
settling on surfaces, even the hard to reach areas, coating
them evenly with a fine mist.




  • Tank capacity 3 litres
  • Flow rate 15ml/min
  • Compressor flow rate 55 litres/min
  • 3 metre delivery hose
  • Hand trigger or remote spraying
  • Power cord 10m
  • Weight 16 kg


  • Fine micronized aerosol mist
  • Hand misting or remote misting
  • Reduction of chemical consumption
  • Save time
  • Surface dry fast

Can be used to sanitise offices, schools, homes, cars, transport,
shops, and many other areas

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